What’s new in my zoo.

  1. I came home from work sat on the couch scrolling through r/playstation and I notice a frenzy happening. Pre-orders were live! A lovely fellow Canuck had posted the link to Best Buy.ca so I went there ASAP and nervously waited as the wheel spun and spun. Luckily it went through and I got my confirmation email! I bought the disc edition as I like to buy physical copies and then lend them out to friends.
  2. I finished Final Fantasy X two nights ago. It’s still bugging me. The ending was crushing on my heart. The story telling and characters were so special. I really loved my time playing it.
  3. I’ve started Final Fantasy X-2 and it’s hard to get into as quickly as FFX. I’ve found my groove now but it sure took a long, long time.
  4. So far I really like the Festival outfits in FFX-2. Black Mage isn’t that hot but perhaps as I get to a higher level it will feel more powerful.
  5. I bought a new gaming laptop. It has a GeForce RTX 2060, an i7 and 17 inch screen made by Aorus. It’s pretty smexy.
  6. I downloaded the Opera gaming browser and I can say it is now my favorite. I stopped using Chrome ages ago and was rocking Brave and Firefox until now. If you game definitely check it out.