What’s new in my zoo.

  1. I came home from work sat on the couch scrolling through r/playstation and I notice a frenzy happening. Pre-orders were live! A lovely fellow Canuck had posted the link to Best Buy.ca so I went there ASAP and nervously waited as the wheel spun and spun. Luckily it went through and I got my confirmation email! I bought the disc edition as I like to buy physical copies and then lend them out to friends.
  2. I finished Final Fantasy X two nights ago. It’s still bugging me. The ending was crushing on my heart. The story telling and characters were so special. I really loved my time playing it.
  3. I’ve started Final Fantasy X-2 and it’s hard to get into as quickly as FFX. I’ve found my groove now but it sure took a long, long time.
  4. So far I really like the Festival outfits in FFX-2. Black Mage isn’t that hot but perhaps as I get to a higher level it will feel more powerful.
  5. I bought a new gaming laptop. It has a GeForce RTX 2060, an i7 and 17 inch screen made by Aorus. It’s pretty smexy.
  6. I downloaded the Opera gaming browser and I can say it is now my favorite. I stopped using Chrome ages ago and was rocking Brave and Firefox until now. If you game definitely check it out.

What I’m into for Aug/Sep.

Gaming, gaming and more gaming! I’ve been on a great roll.

  1. Finished Ghost of Tsushima and loved it! It’s the best time I’ve had in so long. Definitely in my top 10 of all time now. The one thing this game did right was costume upgrades. What a pleasure to find new dyes, masks and style my Jin like a Barbie doll.
  2. Fall Guys! I was so lucky to get this free on PS Plus. Too bad I already bought it on Steam first. So I rock two accounts. I must say PS4 is much more enjoyable to play on than a keyboard.
  3. On my Switch I bough Luigi’s Mansion 3 on sale. I don’t play as much as other games but great none the less.
  4. After GoT I bought Final Fantasy X/X-2 redux on PS4. This is one game I never played when it first came out though I wanted to so bad. I remember getting my Playstation magazine and it had a spread of all the outfits and stats for FFX-2. I was blown away by the creativity of the designs. Finally I can play it. I love it! Lulu, Waka, Auron etc all such great looking characters. I’m almost done X and can start X-2 soon.
  5. As I write this post I’m downloading World of Warcraft again. Time to get ready for Shadowlands! I’m also downloading PUBG from PS Plus. I do love PUBG and played a lot when it came out.
  6. I’m reading Ooku manga. It’s adult themed and set in an alternative reality feudal Japan where the Shogun is female (men are in short supply) and the harem is filled with men! This isn’t a “harem” trope though its quite serious intrigue in a gender bend environment. It’s really good so far. Apparently there is a live action so I will have to dig around to see if I can find a version with subtitles online.